Vision Services


A referral has been made to our practice seeking an opinion on the condition of the diminished visual acuity that the eye is coping with.  A specialized exam is performed to determine if the natural lens has detiorared to the point that it is reducing vision and thus compromising the patients' ability to function in daily routine activities such as driving, reading, watching television, and the like.


This is a specialized exam conducted by a opthalmologist who is a sub-specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyes.  During the initial appointment, the physician will exam the condition of the eyelids both upper and lower as well as the brow to determine if further testing is needed to confirm that the eyelid or brow maybe causing a decrease in the "visual field" that the patient is able to see.  Usually photos are taken to assist in this determination, as well as possibly ordering a Visual Field diagnostic test.  This test will provide a definitive "map" as to whether the patient's field of vision is being obstructed due to excessive skin in the upper eyelid which may also be caused by the burrowing of the brow.